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I Am.

As I’ve been watching Wayne Dyer’s, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose course this week, I was reminded of an evening where I unexpectedly did some deep soul searching and writing.

It was August 22, 2019, which I know because I snapped the below picture, and I was alone in a hotel room. Again. I had been traveling a lot for work—site inspections, depositions, hearings, etc., and I was feeling rather low. A sense of unfulfillment consumed me, and I missed my family.

I began meditating, praying, and just listening. The hours passed and I was still deep in thoughtful silence well past Midnight. At some point thereafter, I began to feel as if I was no longer alone. Not in an eery ghost-like way, but more like a calming awareness.

I remember reciting certain words and phrases in my head—unsure of what they meant really. It was so uncharacteristic of me, so I decided to start writing it all down in my new, bright yellow journal.

The result was much like a poem, which I don’t think I‘d ever written, and the words didn’t read like my own. It’s like my impersonal self was connecting with my personal self. To this day, when I re-read these words, it’s a bit hard to believe I wrote them.

Nevertheless, here it is.

Purpose speaks in silence.

Discover your silence within.

I am.

Connect and awaken.

Currency thoughts.

Love in light.

Freedom and shift.

Infinite perception.

I am.

Realization and become.

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