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Grace-filled Grief.

The heaviness of grief forces me to succumb, so I sit here in the depths of it. As I peel back each layer of anger, sadness, confusion, and fear, I’m face-to-face with the truth of inevitable death.

As I ponder life beyond these walls, my mind toggles between joy and selfish sadness at the thought of eternal life. My sorrow transforms, briefly, into serenity knowing your eternal salvation is secure in Jesus’ name. Then it comes barreling back at me, as my flesh tries to process your inevitable departure.

Though our divine friendship was just beginning, it felt as though we’d made many laps around the sun together. We shared many of our deepest pains and hearts desires. We bonded over our deep love for expression through writing, and an understanding to life with cancer. You inspired me with your truth as you encouraged me to live and share my own.

Your grace-filled authenticity leaves me in awe, as you too process what’s next. I’m forever grateful for you, your presence in my life, and all that you are teaching me.

Grief may momentarily steal my joy, but the love you tattooed on my heart will always remain. Sister to sister, you’ve found your grace, and I’m so proud of you.

Until we meet again, my friend, Love & Sunblock.

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