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Just Love.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

As we bid the year of 2020 vision goodbye and embark on the new year of 2021, let’s not lose sight of a neglected truth—if the veil is not torn from our hearts, we will remain blind and not see the change hoped for.

The start of a new year, absent more, will not magically make COVID-19 and cancer disappear, our relationships stronger, or our finances more abundant. Nor will our hearts be less troubled, our minds less busy, or our health improved simply by buying a cute planner with stickers. We must seek the deeper, yet simple, understanding to this life. Just love.

When my husband asked what I resolved to do in 2021, I was at a loss. Pre-diagnosis, my resolutions were born from vanity and intricate. My first thought was—not die. Literally. I dismissed that morbid reflection, but it later returned. This time, though, it hit differently. If I don’t want to die, figuratively, I just have to love. Love God and love people, including the difficult ones. It’s really that simple.

While troubles of this fallen world will be ever present, I’m confident that love is the magical link to our understanding and things hoped for. So today—and every day—I’m ditching the complicated and catchy new year resolutions. I hereby resolve to just love.

May love restore all lost to years prior and give you hope for 2021 and beyond.

Love & Sunblock

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1 Comment

Well said. Love covers a multitude of sin and heals our hearts 🥰

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