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Meet Me.

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Meet me here, Jesus. Meet me everywhere I am. Everywhere I go. Everywhere I should go. And everywhere I shouldn’t.

Meet me in the valleys and atop mountains. Meet me in my suffering and mourning. In my rejoicing. And everywhere in between.

Meet me in my silence. Meet me when I speak. When I write. And when I think. Meet me.

Meet me in love. Meet me in fear. Meet me as I wake and as I lay it all down. Meet me in my dreams. Every time I close my eyes. Meet me when I can’t breathe.

Meet me on purpose. Meet me by surprise. Meet me in the wind. And as I watch the sunrise. Meet me in the waves. And in the stillness of my heart.

Meet me here, Jesus. Just meet me.

Love & Sunblock

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