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Seek & Find.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Why do we often seek to find flaws in circumstances which we cannot handle? What we seek, we are surely to find.

I would like to blame this personal absurdity on my law school education entirely, but the reality is that law school just solidified my underlying ability to issue spot. A blessing if properly guided, but a curse if misplaced.

We can often, and sometimes constantly, search for and entertain outcomes inconsistent with our desires and God's plan for our lives, which leaves us in a state of madness and overcome with debilitating anxiety. Fear of a future phantom is not reasonable, most of us know this. Yet, the vicious cycle continues to play like a broken record in our minds.

The Gospel of Matthew reminds us to remain present because tomorrow holds its own troubles and God gives us grace sufficient to get through each day. One at a time.

We're not meant to experience difficulties repeatedly, and certainly not before they even come to fruition. Is it the enemy provoking battle in our minds? Of course. Are we the enemy? If we're not careful.

I suppose control, or lack thereof, is a viable trigger. It can send us into a flurry of 'what ifs' and 'how comes.' Do we ever really have control? Even when we are convinced we do? The more we try to understand, the more control we are seeking to gain if we aren't careful.

We aren't to rely on our own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and our paths will be made straight by Him.

What we seek, we are surely to find. Let's seek to find Him more and in His presence, we will find peace and grace--sufficient to tackle each day. One at a time.

Love & Sunblock

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