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God's Waiting Room.

Updated: May 18, 2022

I find myself questioning, at what point in life do we feel like we've finally made it?

Is it once we're married, when we become parents, or once we've travelled the world? Is it once we've obtained honorary titles such as, M.D., Ph.D. or Esquire? Or maybe once we've made 6-7 figure incomes, became CEO's, or reached financial freedom?

Most of us aim to be successful in life, which seems to center around social status and monetary worth.

However, it also seems that successful people are unhappy and unfulfilled. They are always seeking the next replaceable thing to check off their lists to regain that fleeting sense of feeling successful.

Somewhere along the way those lists have began to include things once cherished like sacred unions and meaningful bonds.

If a spouse doesn't make us happy, then there's always divorce, right? If a friend doesn't reciprocate frequent contact, then who needs them?

We are so quick to burden others with the unrealistic task of making--and keeping--us happy.

However, the truth is that happiness begins within. Absent internal happiness, we will remain unfulfilled regardless of how outwardly successful we may be.

At the root of our desire to be successful, we will find the need for security, purpose and peace, but masked with entitlement.

Somewhere along the way we stopped coming from a place of love and started leading from a place of power instead.

The world is full of successful people, which on its face requires hard work to achieve.

I ponder, though, at what point do successful people become significant?

What are they doing with their gifts, their talents, or their blessings? How are they serving others--if at all? Are they living in such a way that glorifies God?

The real, deep work begins when we start crossing over from successful to significant. It's much more difficult to selflessly plant seeds and sit in God's waiting room than it is to reap the actual harvest.

It's in the sewing and waiting, though, where significance is born.

There, we will find security, purpose and peace.

There, we will find God.

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