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Pathway to Peace.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Most of the world thought the year 2020 was as bad as it gets. For many, that may be true, but for others, 2021 is packing quite the punch within the first quarter. My heart goes out to everyone that is suffering in their own unique way, and my prayer is that you all find peace in His presence.

A few months into my cancer journey--after all the dust had settled--I realized that my heart & mind were more at peace than they had been pre-diagnosis. Considering the weight of my diagnosis, coupled with a year like 2020, it's hard to fathom such is possible. Honestly, the old me would have been hard pressed to believe peace was possible while battling cancer too. However, finding and following the pathway to peace has been one of the many blessings born from this season of my life.

How did I find it? Complete surrender to God.

When we fail to seek Him in complete surrender, we deprive ourselves of the peace offered in His presence. Such peace is essential to sustaining this life—especially a cancer diagnosis—and we must go against the grain to find it.

Hard seasons in our lives vary depending upon God’s plan and purpose. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime of troubles hits us hard and all at once. Other times, they linger as if they are taking up permanent residence. Like 2020, they can even do both.

Whatever the battle before us, we are strongest to overcome on our knees, and His grace will always sustain and comfort us.

May we all find and follow the pathway to peace, where our hearts and minds are beautifully guarded in His presence.

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